What's the culture like at Stord?

What's the culture like at Stord?

I prioritize the blog posts based on the questions I get during the interview process. "What's the culture like on the Stord engineering team?" is a frequently asked question that is due for a blog post, and here it is!

This topic about culture also came up internally when I was chatting with a engineer about a candidate we made an offer to recently. The candidate had another offer so we were not sure if they would join us. The engineer was excited about this candidate and asked if I could send a note about the intangibles of working at Stord, like our culture. This engineer went on to say that our culture is a reason they picked Stord over their other offers. I instantly asked this person to tell me how they would describe it, and they responded promptly over Slack with...

  • Autonomy, and with a strong sense of direction from the leadership team
  • Challenging, solving actual problems that impact the business and our ability to deliver
  • Growth, our problems in one year will be completely different from those we have today, prevents stagnation and acceptance of the status quo
  • Teamwork or enablement “never heard the one word answer of ‘no’ when presenting a suggestion, we do not have that type of culture.”

I was so happy to get this in writing, because I knew it was going to make creating this blog post that much easier :-) but also because it was from someone on the team experiencing the culture! My additions to this list would be that we are also a low-ego and supportive group that is focused on delivering value to our customers.

One thing that we are doing differently at Stord than I have seen elsewhere, is that we host 'office hours' regularly across multiple disciplines. If you are stuck or just wanting to learn more from experts, then you can join office hours (we have a Google Calendar that lists the office hours and the associated Zoom links to join) for:

  • Elixir development
  • Site Reliability Engineering / DevOps
  • Frontend development (React) and Cypress Testing
  • Application architecture
  • and Visual Design

Nearly each of these listed is provided at least once a day, with some of them twice a day. People just show up and ask questions of the expert hosts. And if nobody shows up, then there are typically a couple experts hosts that join office hours, so they just collaborate on some key items or challenges they have been working on. Office Hours is a great demonstration of the supportive aspect of our culture.

Ready to help us build a Cloud Supply Chain?

I hope this blog post gives you some insight into our culture here at Stord. We have a great team and we are making great strides. We are also experiencing triple digit, year-over-year growth due the acceleration of ecommerce by the pandemic. Shippers need a Cloud Supply Chain because it provides their customers – speed, flexibility, and cost savings.

Please checkout our careers page to see how you can help us!