Top 3 Youtube videos to learn about STORD

Quick post of recommended YouTube videos that candidates have told me were their favorite videos to learn about STORD

Top 3 Youtube videos to learn about STORD

Noticing a trend in the candidates that I've spoke with recently, I wanted to put together this quick post of recommended YouTube videos. The past three out of four candidates have told me that they got a lot of value out of watching some of our Youtube videos. After I heard this a third time, I asked what were their favorites when trying to learn more about STORD, and compiled this list for you.

Fastest overview of STORD's solutions to the supply chain problems

The above video was updated from the STORD overview in 2020

What does Omnichannel mean?

And if you just want to see why our CEO, Sean Henry, inspires us on a regular basis, then check out his TedxEmory talk